EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black
EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black

EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - Black

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EVOD 1 - Vape Pen - 1100mAh Battery - MT3 Tank W/USB - e-Atomizer 


(1) 1100mAh Battery, (1) MT(3) Tank W/Coil & (1) USB Charger.   


OUR PROMISE... If there are any issues, please let us know. These are made in China. These aren't Energizers. We do our best to ensure quality by testing EACH battery before shipping. All I can do is ensure battery activates. There will be defects we cannot catch unless we physically use device. So understand it is not our intent to ship a defective battery. All we can do is work with you to make it RIGHT!!! No hassles. You will get what you paid for or your money back. Always ships First Class mail from California. Usually ships next business day. Expect 2-3 days after item is shipped. Enjoy


1.Tested Voltage: Varies between 3.8v-4.3v 

"This is not a variable volt battery. The range implies voltage when charged."

  1. Battery Life: 300x-400x (2x more than 650mAh Batteries)
  2. 510 threaded 1100mah Battery
  3. 5-click on/off button
  4. e-Atomizer1 e-Vaporizer1  

USB (Standard Charger)

  1. Compatible with all 650-1300mAh and other 510 threaded high capacity batteries. 
  2. Input: DC 5v
  3. Output: DC 4.2 / 420mAh 


  •    I am at least 18 years of age.
  •    It is legal in my state to purchase related products
  •    I certify that the above statements are true. Please cancel this purchase if you do not accept these terms and conditions. 


 If you purchase an item from us and need to return it, please contact us directly.  We will pay 4 your return shipping without you needing to opening a case against us. If we handle your return quickly, professionally and take responsibility for shipping both to and back from you we need your 5 star, positive feedback. Please work with us & allow us to make a return truly  "HASSLE FREE"...



- Mouthpiece – This is where your mouth goes. Nothing special here.

- Liquid Tank – Your eLiquid goes in here.

- Coil Unit – This part is normally hidden inside the Liquid Tank, it contains the heating coil that will be vaporizing the eLiquid.

- Battery Connection – This ring will hold the coil and connect to the battery.

- Battery – This piece will power on and off your EVOD1 Vaporizer1.


How to Turn On The EVOD1 Vaporizer1

For first time users, one of the more confusing parts of using a vaporizer1 is usually turning it on. The EVOD1 e-Atomizer1 e-Vaporizer1 turned on or off but pressing the silver button located on the battery 5 consecutive times. You then hold the silver button again to start the vaporization1 process.

Why is this the method of turning on a vaporizer1? For one, it’s a safety feature to make sure you aren’t using it while it’s in your pocket or wasting the battery by just having it on. Second, it allows the vaporizer to reach higher temperatures for a better vaporizing1 experience.

How To Use The EVOD1 Vaporizer1

- Fill the Liquid Tank with Vape Liquid

First thing you’ll need to do is remove the Liquid Tank from the Battery Connection. You’ll do that by turning the Liquid Tank counterclockwise to the battery. Once It’s open, you should see a hole in the center that leads to the mouthpiece. You’ll be placing your LIQ around the center tube, otherwise the LIQ will come right out of the mouthpiece. Don’t overfill it, you want to make sure that the LIQ doesn’t go above the tube. Once your done, flip the Battery part you detached earlier and reattach it to the Liquid Tank by lining up the Coil Unit to the inner tube inside the Liquid Tank.