Hangover Helper - Sunday Morning Hero Kit
Hangover Helper - Sunday Morning Hero Kit

Hangover Helper - Sunday Morning Hero Kit

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Sunday Morning Hero Kit 

The All-Natural Way to help a Hangover

Recover from last night's party with Hangover Helper, a natural hangover remedy from the people at Sunday Morning Pharmaceuticals in Los Angeles, California. The Hangover Helper contains Dihydromyricetin- a clinically proven herbal ingredient and a special vitamin-electrolye combination (based on World Health Organization recommendations) to counteract the morning after effects of alcohol on your body and balance your body's electrolytes. That means no more headaches or dehydration after a night of drinking-which results in a more enjoyable and productive morning for you.

The directions are simple:

We recommend that you eat a light meal and take a warm shower before using this product the morning after drinking. For the best results, dissolve the orange-flavored powder in a half-liter bottle of cold water or other container that can hold two cups (or 17 ounces) of water. Then, drink the glass and consume both capsules. You can also decrease the water amount for more flavor and drink a glass of water afterwards. Hangover Helper will take it from there and help your body recover.